Friday, May 14, 2010

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Ann Antidote (*1973) 
is an autodidact artist, entertaining herself and others with music, film making and the occasional performance art. She has been active in the promotion of both polyamorous, queer and sex-positive lifestyles as respect-deserving options, and the visibility and awareness of queer-poly-folks from a feminist perspective. This work was perceived by her as DIY, under-construction, irregular and amateur, and includes information sessions on those topics, blogging, music, video, and performance art.

Since 2009, she quit her non-film-related day job, although not regretting a former professional life in Science and Engineering, she decided that most of these projects should became full-time occupations, all being hatched and nurtured under the umbrella name of "The Sexual Life of the Savages". 

Vacations in Slut Meadow, co-produced and co-directed with Roderick, was her first film which was conceived from scratch to be shown to wider audiences and to be distributed at all, and originated from a desire to document and share some significant aspects - polyamory in queer and feminist contexts - of her activist work and that of hir companions. Other films are in preparation or have been finished, mostly in cooperation with others, since then.

Antidote is currently based in Berlin.

Roderick (*1972)
Some of his earlier recollections are from being in a cinema watching Walt Disney's Fantasia, where his twin loves of Film and Music were awakened. Unfortunately the context he was in back then was particularly discouraging for people inclined for such activities, and the thought of being a film maker didn't even cross Rodericks's young mind. Empowering role models were conspicuos by their absence. 

In 2009 finally he decided to give himself a chance to transform his artistic pursuits in full time activities and in September of that year he moved to Berlin and started to devout his time to Video, Music and Burlesque Performance.

When Ann Antidote in April 2010 proposed to work together on the documentary “Schlampenau, eine Schlampolygarchutopia”, which she was filming since two years, he was happy to oblige. One month later the film was finalized.

At the moment Roderick is committed to a DIY, low budget aesthetic. Specially for documentaries he finds that the minimalist approach allows the filmed subjects to feel less intimidated by the equipment, which results in a more natural response. He is currently working in three other movie projects, including a sequel to“Schlampenau...”.

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